Latin American arms spending on the rise

Posted on June 28, 2009


Arms spending equals crisis fight assignments

Arms spending equals crisis fight assignments

Research institutions have been sensing a steady rise in the military spending in some Latin American countries for the last years.

While Colombia is the only one with an actual warfare against longstanding guerrillas -subsided in part by USA backing and radars- others make large investments without any conflict in sight. At least, Venezuela’s invasion fears seems no more at hand. But plans for replacing old American equipment for Russian and Chinese new one keeps rolling on.

Even more notorious are Chile’s buying of jet fighters and modern tanks in large quantities.

Both countries have a fixed proportion of the respective main export items: oil and cooper.

While Brazil’s Defense budget takes a lesser portion proportionally, it counts for half the region global spending all in all. Its future plans include an atomic submarine by the next decade. Argentina is the only one without plans for a modernization of the Army -a persistent byproduct of its past  uncontrolled misconduct of its military ranks.

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