Honduras: Ice Age reloaded?

Posted on July 8, 2009


Zelaya_gorilaAs a sort of corollary to my previous post, the military coup in Honduras (barely disguised as a civil replacement) is a reminder of the impending menace to Latin American democracies. While the true aims behind Zelaya’s attempt to introduce a not-binding referendum is under dispute (he is now reassuring not seeking reelection), the fact is Honduran  Constitution was designed as to freeze any social change. It has to bear in mind that both its political an military systems were engineered in the eighties as a counterbalance to revolutionary ongoings in neighboring Nicaragua and el Salvador under a complete Reaganite control. By then Honduras was deemed a “land aircraft carrier” for “contra” troops.

No matter what the final offspring of the Costa Rican president Arias mediation initiative will be, the firm stand aginst the coup by the OAS, almost all the Latin American presidents and -for the first time- of the USA president Obama and his Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton, must be heiled as a turning point in the longstanding sad record of successful violent breaks of democracy in the continent.

UPDATE: If you wonder who gave the coup plotters this brilliant idea here you have a clue.

A lobbying firm with close ties to McCain, the Cormac Group, has organized the coup representatives’ press conference this afternoon. John W. Timmons, founding partner of the Cormac Group, was legislative counsel to Senator McCain and directed his legislative agenda, principally in the area of commerce. Cormac Group also represents the neo-fascist, anti-castro Cuban mafia company, Barcardi USA.

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