Will China displace USA in LA?

Posted on July 28, 2009



For the last years China has become  a major buyer of Latin America raw materials and crops and a vendor of industrialized goods. As imported goods to the region from the USA shrank amidst the financial storm, some people feels the need to  diminish the panic. With this goal in mind, Oppenheimer collects some figures to show how much behind is China from the States: direct inversion in the region, per capita income, military budget. Last but not least, American inventors’ annual registered patents is many times the number of Chinese ones.

The paradox is: all these American “tests of strength” are the same ones China is taking advantage from to increase its influence. Because it’s the large amount of military expenditure and the need to keep pace with its high per capita consumerism level that showed the weakest side of “the American Way”. Furthermore, as stated by a comment to the article, China lacks inhibitions to copy any technology developed by its competitors.

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