Lou Dobbs tastes the American way

Posted on September 20, 2009



What happen when a society grows to become the center of the World? It takes advantage of its dominant position over lesser countries to suck their resources by commercial and/or financial channels. And what happens when the standard of living for the peoples in those lesser countries drop down year after year? They try to immigrate to the center, seeking jobs and bringing their culture with them. How do conservatives in the center deal with these sudden changes in their environment? They complaint about the loss of ancient virtues and customs closing their eyes to the causes. It was so in ancient Rome and it is in the USA today.

Lou Dobbs has been playing Cicero for a time now from the CNN cathedra, complaining about the evils Hispanic immigrants where bringing with them. From the language they refuse to forget to supposedly dangerous diseases. Now a coalition of American Hispanic organizations and activists has taken action into their hands, calling for a boycott on Dobbs’s advertisers. While the rather conservative Andrés Oppenheimer (of Argentine stock) agreed with the boycott because Dobbs has been giving his opinions as if it were plain informative stuff, others warns of turning the man into a martyr.

To me, as a foreigner, what calls my attention is the course these organizations chose to go. Cause this way is the American way, not the one Hispanics were supposed to bring with their culture. And this is the best proof of the degree to which Hispanics have integrated into the mainstream traditions of their new environment. Even if they talk of their Spanish language and culture pride; of La Raza or any other peculiarities, they are, in fact, assimilated to the systemic web of the American society. This phenomena should be the best argument to convince Dobbs to change his rhetoric, even before the boycott shows itself successful with his advertisers and employers.