Zelaya’s hat trick

Posted on September 29, 2009


Zel_Mich_ObaBelatedly, here is the illustration I did for this article by Andrés Oppenheimer who -I must say- shows this time a lot of sense. Micheletti has been caught in surprise and exposed as a truly dictator, closing TV an radio stations.

Obama too is pressed to a disambiguation on rejection of any kind of coup. At the last G-20 summit he asked Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández ( as told from her inner circles), about what Latin Americans expect from him if they complaint about past American interventions?; her answer: “true leadership”.

But the real star of this chapter isn’t at the picture: Brazil’s president “Lula” da Silva is said to staging Zelaya’s return (even noticing Obama about it) and saying loud and clear that no alternative solution to the restoration of legality will be allowed. So he is  displacing the colorful, outspoken Chávez as the leading voice of the region. One progressive but with good sense at the same time.