Is Obama entangled as Eisenhower warned?

Posted on October 4, 2009


The old conservative coaches the liberal to get untied

The old conservative coaches the liberal to get untied

While the battle over the Public Option in the health care system attracts all the attention these days, other issues of equal importance goes less noticed.  Not to me, mind you (in fact, I just happen to be assigned as illustrator to a good columnist at the Río Negro daily in Argentina). Two articles give different evaluations of the Obama’s record to this date on security and military matters.

Garry Willis in the New York Review of Books looks disappointed. He sees the new President already trapped by the network of secrets and responsibilities delivered to the Oval Office by the Intelligence and the National Security agencies. Many promises seems to never be fulfilled and the extraordinary concentration of power  gathered by the Executive through many decades will not be given back to the Legislative as intended by the Constitution.  I find Willis’ claim interesting as in order to accomplish with his liberal demands from the present state of things, you’ll need nothing short of a revolutionary action.

On the other hand, Joseph Cirincione in Foreign Policy seems to be far more optimistic as he sees the decision to abandon the missile shield projected for East Europe as a sign of Obama’s ability to build a pragmatist approach, not constrained by the plans already deployed by the Neocons before his arrival.

We have to wait an see. The signs are still unclear. In Colombia an agreement of facilities to use six military bases (where an undisclosed number of troops will be private contractors) weighs on the “business as usual” side of the balance; while the prolonged negotiations in the case of the Honduras coup (supported by the lobby of American fruit and coffee enterprises) keeps the hope alive that Obama seeks to detach himself from the secular Imperialist policy towards the backyard.

Eisenhower warns of a Military Industrial complex danger