Chile takes off (turning to the Right)

Posted on December 13, 2009


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The Chilean people is choosing today his leaders and the multimillionaire Sebastián Piñera (owner – between other companies – of the national airline) seems to be guiding comfortably the first round. The discolored Christian-democrat Eduardo Frei and the Socialist postmodern ‘rebel’ Marco Enríquez-Ominami dispute the privilege of entering as the option in the second round.

Whatever the final score would be, what is sure is the irreversible way of the country towards the immersion in the capitalist global liberalism. Does a country can with industrial weak bases (the national revenue keeps on depending basically on the exportation of copper) develop successfully this way?. For a while it could seem like that because of the incorporation of external aspects of modernization (new buildings, managerial organization). But other recent experiences (Ireland, Iceland, even Spain) have showed the risks of this route.