Obama, Uncle Sam’s make-up aide

Posted on July 3, 2010


Some surveys registered an improve of the United States image among the Latin American populations. The worst figures notwithstanding are among the biggest three countries of the region: Argentina, Mexico and Brazil -in that order.

Even so, this article sees a good opportunity (wasted by Obama himself) to improve USA’s relationship with its neighbors, via ratification of Free-trade agreements.  The question Oppenheimer doesn’t pose is: do these countries want such an agreement? Mexico does have it and its consequences are debatable -to say the less. Mexican peasant’s agriculture of corn have been crushed by its northern neighbor industrial, subsidized one.

The only other arguably successful case is Chile who’s most notorious export to USA are grapes and wines, which are of marginal importance, while its economy largely relies on copper ore exports of rising demand without any agreement anyway.

Colombia’s agreement finds obstacles related to its complex violence records. While American military involvement keeps rising at its own path.

To be serious, any free-trade agreement should include proper guaranties it’ll be for the direct benefit of workers and lesser industries, not just for the banks and the Big Corp.

Oh! The illustration was inspired, obviously, in the famous one of Gary Cooper by Norman Rockwell.