Nestor Kirchner’s departure

Posted on December 1, 2010


This blog went silent during the last month following Argentina’s former president’s sudden death. It was a shock both inside and outside the country.  He was at the center stage of local politics for the last eight years and there was a sense of orphanhood even to his foes. His initiatives broke the chain of long lasting submission to the IMF and the Financial Capital line of orders of the previous three decades.

Being such, he found a lot of criticism for his lack of respect for the accustomed ways and republican formalities. In a country where politics had became a servant of business, he retorted to every means to hold the control of events. For once, “florentine”, secretive, ways to do it wasn’t managed against the welfare of the common people. The spectacular recovery of the economy he lead brought great opportunities of good business but subtracting the decision-making process from the corporative control. He was a firm believer in the keynessian approach as the way out of a financial crisis and  massive unemployment.

His legacy reaches many fields: the restored prestige of Judicial branch, the prosecution of crimes against Humanity, the pursue of sovereignty in the restructuring of the foreign debt, the reinstating of popular consumption and social inclusion as a motor for growing. Beyond the country limits, he was a firm builder of a common space for the South-american countries. In the short time he served as General Secretary of the UNASUR, he showed his abilities for reproaching distanced neighbors (he changed the threats between Santos an Chávez into hugs) and open dialog channels.

He will be certainly missed in this side of the globe.