Obama’s Dance of Death

Posted on May 31, 2011



I wasn’t in the mood for posting for more than two months now. So, I’ll try to update more often for a while, posting my drawings with a minimum of words.

This illustration for the “Rio Negro” daily in Argentina was commissioned right as it is. Being a newspaper of rather conservative positions (for local standards) I felt impressed. To me, it was a sign of the complete loss of credibility of the American narrative outside the US, even for its allies.

Left aside conspiracy theories about Bin Laden’s previous death, the successive changes in the official report of the operative, the disposal of the corpse and the negative to show the evidence, have removed the sense of reality from it. According to the rules of the Media, the Bin Laden suppression is a “no fact”.

The last nail in the coffin was Obama’s phrase “Justice has been done”. If a big country may enjoy some “privileges”, like no abide to the International Court, enter to another independent country without asking for permission to kill somebody unarmed and left with the corpse, at least you don’t call it to do “Justice”. You ask for excuses and try to justify yourself.

It was transparent that the order was to no take prisoners who could tell uncomfortable facts of the mutual relationship in the past if brought to court. As the US establishment proved many times before (Hussein, Noriega, Mubarak) its lack of loyalty to its rogue, dictatorial allies is shamelessly cynical. You’re warned.

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