9/11 “lemming syndrome”

Posted on September 11, 2011


After the 9/11 attacks, the hysteria for retaliation led the American people into the abyss of unending war, lost of civil liberties, moral debacle, monstrous debt and economic chaos. Bin Laden couldn’t dream of a biggest success.

I’m not arguing here with the “truth” about who actually was the mastermind behind the attacks. I’m answering to the “common sense” response to them exposed by most of the editorial cartoons published by then. It was the first time I saw a collection of my American colleagues’ works (I was new to the Internet) and I was horrified: a lot of ferocious bald eagles vowing retaliation while sharpening their claws. Freedom of opinion comes with responsibilities and, in this regard, the shallow reaction of many cartoonists at that time gives them a share in the present state of the world.

By way of balance I’d like to recommend this piece by Noam Chomsky. An idea in the text is of prime importance:

The 2001 September attack was the closing end of a circle opened with another 9/11: that of the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende in Chile, orchestrated and funded by the Nixon/Kissinger team, which started a string of military dictatorships in Latin America aimed to put an end to the nationalist social reforms in the region and to impose a neoliberal economy regime, open to financial (speculative) investing.

Which in turn lead to indebted States, unable to help the weak citizens but limited to function as a repressive police force against those same citizens’ predictable unrest and crime rate increase. The perfect “Social Darwinism” nightmare hovering over the United States right now.