Kim Jong-Il final show

Posted on December 20, 2011


This is his final show in my blog. I did this caricature some years ago and always felt  some kind of attachment to it. By that time the official propaganda presented him as a peaceful yet resolute man. So, I thought of those traditional chinese image of a serene, fatty Buddha (in fact a syncretic assimilation to the old god of prosperity).

While it would be foolish to try to neglect the lame role of his regime, I think a little history helps to put things in perspective. Since the Korean peninsula was invaded by Japan after defeating Russia in 1905 and annexed in 1910, there was a long fight for independence. Korea became exploited as a resource for raw materials, sex slaves and laborers (25% of the victims of the atomic bombs dropped over Japan were Korean workers).

So, Kim Il-Sung, founder of the dynasty, was a true guerrilla fighter who earned its rights the hard way, while the Southern regime controled by the USA forces relied on the corrupt elite related to the old Japanese rule. There were a number of insurrections against such ilk and some mass murdering incidents in the South before the outbreak of the war. It took many years to South Korea to get rid of this burden.In the end, hard-working and a tight protection from USA allowed South-Koreans to overcome their obscure starting point and normalize their livings.

North Korea, on the other hand, worried of being jeopardized by the changes occurred in the Soviet Union and China, sticked to its Stalinist origins and became isolated from the rest of the world. The second Kim inherited a  defensive way  of surviving, lacking the merits to exert such kind of autocracy. Now, the question goes to what kind of successor his young son, Kim Jong-Un, would be. By now, the only man out of the country who seems to know him well is his Japanese former sushi chef.