Putin’s media censorship

Posted on February 24, 2012


I know this is hardly fresh news, as it was distributed by agencies in December. But I had to illustrate its Spanish translation a lot later.

I find interesting to link the efforts by Russian bloggers to overcome TV censorship trough the Net with other reports about the government hiring hackers and trolls aiming to neutralize even those channels.

As the Net analyst Evgeny Morozov warned beforehand, cyberactivism is a double-edged sword which also strong governments learnt to use.

The opposite case happens in Latin America, where democratic governments find their efforts to change social inequalities battled by private media moguls. When  individual bloggers try to add their voices to those initiatives criticizing the Big Media narrative, they find their comments overwhelmed by hordes of trolls hired by the media.

No wonder the Web neutrality suffers attacks from many sides, both private as governmental.

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