Venezuela’s oily election

Posted on September 30, 2012


The coming presidential election in Venezuela is set against a background of a mixed balance of Chávez economics performance.

I’m not an economist nor an insider in Venezuela’s daily fare. But as I see it, the main asset of Chávez isn’t just his improvement of poor Venezuelan’s welfare, but the ties he secured with other South American countries like Brazil and Argentina in the Mercosur market and in the UNASUR consulting group in order to increase the region’s autonomy.

You can like or dislike Chávez’ flamboyant, populist speeches; you can account his faults on the infrastructure improvement; but you can’t call a man who disputed 13 elections (and recognized when he lost one) a dictator, as so happily the American conservatives do.

Capriles, the united Opposition candidate sees at himself like a David confronting a Goliath. But even he dismiss the chance of suffering an election fraud. So, foreign politicos like Romney should do well of start paying the due respect for their southern neighbors.