Pinochet’s espionage web today

Posted on October 6, 2012


A new book written by Mauricio Weibel (DPA correspondent in Chile) and Carlos Dorat (“Asociación Ilícita”/”Conspiracy”) menaces to shake  the government of rightist president Sebastián Piñera.

The book exposes the pervasive web of Intelligence that allowed Pinochet’s dictatorship to exert its repressive control of the country with “scientific”  accuracy. The web provided detailed records and analysis about every single institution in the country, be it native or foreign, in line with the Cold War methods advised by the United States agencies.

Among the documents provided by the authors stands out the report on the Vicaría de la Solidaridad of the Catholic Church provided by the then vice minister of Interior, Alberto Cardemil.

“In accordance with the discussion in our breakfast meeting a few days ago, I enclose a folder with the complete records of persons who work in the Vicaría de la Solidaridad,” wrote Cardemil on April 26, 1985, in secret message 1953.

Today, Cardemil holds a prominent position as head of representatives of the governing party at the Parliament. As of today, president Piñera keeps silent about this uncomfortable evidence.