Will Spain melt in the air?

Posted on October 23, 2012


A specter is haunting Europe -the specter of regional nationalism. Be it in Scotland, Catalonia, the Basque country, Flanders or Padana (north of Italy), regional nationalism aroused with the unending crisis.

But unlike the old popular nationalism of the XIX century, when lesser people were oppressed by great empires, kept in poverty and their languages forbidden, this time the nationalist mirage is pushed by ambitious politicians of prosperous regions claiming to be robbed by their less efficient counterparts.

In Spain, the Catalonian autonomous government of Artur Mas reacted to the restrictions imposed by the Euro banks with even harsher measures, blaming “the fiscal exploitation from Madrid” for it. This way, the selfish Catalonian bourgeoisie hopes to feed the civil-war resentments (as if nothing changed since the end of Franco’s regime) amid the middle-class while weaken the resistance of the youngsters and workers broken by its own measures.

This strategy profits of the negative of the Rajoy’s central government to even consider a referendum (unlike the Scottish, Catalonian separatists have a better chance to win). But their chances diminish if they have to win a majority vote of the census. In the last elections to the parliament 40% of those eligible didn’t went to cast their votes.

At times when the European people at large are paying the bill of the bankers festival, the nationalist conflicts fueled by regional privileged have no beneficial effects to promise but a capitalist “divide et impera”.