Merkel’s nest of neonazis

Posted on May 6, 2013



The trial of a neonazi group set to start today in Munich threatens to turn into a trial of the Chancellor Merkel’s government itself.

During a ten years long raid the so-called National Socialist Underground assassinated ten people (mostly Turkish immigrants) without being investigated by the German police in spite of a number of clues pointing to the group whose activities were not ignored. In a clear case of biased preferences the officials rested in the comfortable suspicion of “Turkish mafia revenges”.

Apologies already issued by Angela Merkel hardly can hide the fact that neonazi organizations have been tolerated by a lazy Police and a lenient Judicial system.  Nothing to wonder about coming from a conservative government who shows no mercy towards entire people, like the Greeks, which has been pressed to buy insane amounts of arms (even submarines) from Germany and then accused of being irresponsible spenders.  Capitalism at its best.