Snowden’s orwellian nightmare

Posted on August 14, 2013


Orwell_Snowden_ObamaIn the last New York Review, James Bamford notes that the sales of “1984”, the classic dystopian novel by George Orwell, soared within days after Edward Snowden handed the NSA documents to the public. It seems that the implications of a policial State were immediately clear for its citizens.

But Bamford himself tries to cool the environment by appealing  to the lowest level of interpretation of Orwell’s metaphor:

Of course the US is not a totalitarian society, and no equivalent of Big Brother runs it, as the widespread reporting of Snowden’s information shows.

If it were so easy to identify the course towards a totalitarian society, decades of sophistication in technology and social engineering passed by in vain. May be the era of flamboyant, primitive dictators is over, but the greed for control hasn’t diminished. Moreover, against the common assumption, Orwell wasn’t thinking just in a Stalinist regime at the time. He was aware of the perils of Wall Street as well:

Hitler, no doubt, will soon disappear, but only at the expense of strengthening (a) Stalin, (b) the Anglo-American millionaires and (c) all sorts of petty fuhrers° of the type of de Gaulle.