(Happy?) New Year

Posted on October 12, 2014


NetanyahuMashalIf you think this was a horrible year for Peace in the Middle East, think twice. In the future it may be worse. The Forward’s JJ Goldberg learned that Bibi is transforming intelligence branches across Israel to become acquiescent unanimously with his belligerent way to live with their neighbors. And he is able to do this because of the demographics in the first place:

In part this is the latest chapter in an ongoing saga of demographic change within Israel’s military. After decades of domination by secular centrists, there’s been a dramatic surge of religious nationalist youth — settlers and yeshiva graduates — in crack combat units. A decade ago, secret reports began circulating inside IDF headquarters indicating that with Orthodox youth comprising nearly a third of officers’ training course graduates, religious conservatives would form a plurality of senior field commanders within a decade. This summer they began to make their presence felt.

Exactly what that means isn’t yet clear. The generals praise their fighting spirit. But reports surface of officers and rabbi-chaplains urging the troops to a holy war against the enemies of God.