Thank you Mr. Carter

Posted on August 22, 2015



The news regarding James Carter’s health seems to show his politeness right to the end, giving the journalists the chance to arrange his obituary in advance.

Republicans as well as a good chunk of the press indulge themselves in naming his term in office as the worst they can remember. As usual, they choose to forget the context of those years, when the postwar prosperity had reached its limits and the country became worn out by defeat in Vietnam and the Watergate affair.

Capitalism was at the verge of a radical change towards the predominance of finances, fusions and concentration of the eighties. The bill was about to be paid by the workers and poor people of the Third World. It wasn’t the best time for an idealistic man to rule an empire.

In the meantime, his initiative to enforce Human Rights was of great help to put a halt to abuses by military dictatorships in Lat Am. I can’t help it but to quote myself in one of the early installments of Gloria Mundi:

To be honest, I remember the contempt with which Carter was viewed both by the left and the right at a time when Nicaragua and Iran seemed to prove his foolishness. Today, only the foolish still diminish his humanitarian stature.