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Jobs’ jobs without Apple

October 19, 2011


What would be Steve Jobs’ fate after dropping from college in other time or place? I’m not trying to diminish Jobs’ personality ignoring his strong character, ingenuity, creativity or any other of his virtues abundantly praised after his death. Not even I’m trying to conceal his Darwinian adaptation to the capitalistic wild rules: kill or […]

9/11 “lemming syndrome”

September 11, 2011


After the 9/11 attacks, the hysteria for retaliation led the American people into the abyss of unending war, lost of civil liberties, moral debacle, monstrous debt and economic chaos. Bin Laden couldn’t dream of a biggest success. I’m not arguing here with the “truth” about who actually was the mastermind behind the attacks. I’m answering […]

Warren Buffet: unpatriotic socialist?

August 27, 2011


I know this is old news, but I feel that his extraordinary piece in the New York Times was indicative of the level of distortion in American politics. When one of the richest men demands more taxes (for him and his fellow billionaires) in a time of crisis, while the democratically elected politicians refuse to […]

Trotsky/Morozov: cyberactivism and paleo-conservatism

August 4, 2011


The prolonged crisis of Capitalism  in the core countries of the “globalized” economy has an ideological by-product in the extremist political rhetoric. Although it would be more appropriate to speak of the descent into barbarism by the publishers of the Right and the mass media. Thus, any attempt to sustain the social protection of population at […]

Jews, Zionism and conspiracy theories

July 15, 2011


Sergio Bergman (2nd from right) is an Argentine rabbi of frequent media appearances who associated himself with local center-right politicians. He endorsed the movement headed by Mr. Blumberg (who’s son died when kidnapped) for “security” against marginalized youngsters. Then organized an NGO to raise money from wealthy Jews and contend in the community elections. Last […]

Diego Maradona, the Hand of God

July 26, 2010


Diego Maradona is one of the most exciting and disconcerting characters of our time, not just in sports. Truly the greatest soccer player of his generation in a time when the game went to full globalization, he chose to contend the bureaucrats at the international management board (FIFA) for the sake of the players and […]

Michael Moore by Democracy Now!

July 21, 2010


Some days ago I found this interview by Amy Goodman and felt moved by Moore’s early life story. There’s a feeling of REALITY in it I don’t always feel in the radical and leftist American press. You can’t help it but to feel moved when he tells why and how started to make films. It’s […]

Obama, Uncle Sam’s make-up aide

July 3, 2010


Some surveys registered an improve of the United States image among the Latin American populations. The worst figures notwithstanding are among the biggest three countries of the region: Argentina, Mexico and Brazil -in that order. Even so, this article sees a good opportunity (wasted by Obama himself) to improve USA’s relationship with its neighbors, via […]

Grigori Perelman, misfit genius?

June 7, 2010


Since the dramatic John Nash’s history got filmed in “A beautiful mind”, the topic of the “misfit genius” became one of the preferred by the mass media. And the disconcerting Russian mathematician Perelman fits the mould. After a a precocious ascendent career in Europe and USA, he  turned down some unique academic offers in 1995 […]

Hitler, after the downfall

February 1, 2010


I did this one for a commentary of a book by Prof. Richard Bessel on the post-war Germany. As you can guess, I took inspiration from the wonderful characterization by Bruno Ganz in “The Downfall”. On a more personal side, from many years ago I was intrigued by this watercolor by the young Hitler when […]