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The Washington paradox

November 21, 2014


Here’s the biggest irony of Tuesday’s mid-term elections: the U.S. government will continue demanding that Mexico, Colombia and other countries fight the marijuana trade as part of its “war on drugs,” while Washington voters have just approved making pot legal in the U.S. capital. I’d add to another irony: as fewer people goes to ballots […]

Will China displace USA in LA?

July 28, 2009


For the last years China has become  a major buyer of Latin America raw materials and crops and a vendor of industrialized goods. As imported goods to the region from the USA shrank amidst the financial storm, some people feels the need to  diminish the panic. With this goal in mind, Oppenheimer collects some figures […]

Washington at a slower pace

April 20, 2009


According to historian Paul Kennedy, the time for the U.S. as the only super-power is gone. From now on: “The global tectonic power shifts, towards Asia and away from the West, seem hard to reverse.”