Swine flu media hysteria

Posted on June 7, 2009



Another take on the hysteria spread by the media (with a little help by the WHO). How many lives have terminated by this so called “pandemic” disease and how many by the capitalist crisis?

I grew up in a world worried by the impending nuclear war. Then came the AIDS, the Ebola, the islamofobia and one asteroid or comet every other year alternating with a new discovered disease. The more the terror is spread (with the authorized testimony of scientists delighted to be asked about) the more the entire population is kept in a childish dependence.

This is (to sum it all up) a way of social control. I’m not a fan of conspiratorial theories -no need to. It’s an almost “natural” way of reacting by people (media owners and most of plain journalists alike) immersed in constant instability and job uncertainty.

At least from the late seventies, the promoted predominance of the financial over the productive way of value (aided by instant global communications) created successive bursting bubbles (of virtual future money which cannot be materialized) until the present day big crisis. Terror is the morbidly fascinating issue that terrorized men and women working in the media feel compelled to turn to, to catch our attention. Terror is our daily dish.

Inspired by a photo composition at: http://www.bbsradio.com/FCKeditor/images/uploads/Image/WhenPigsFly.jpg