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Thank you Mr. Carter

August 22, 2015


The news regarding James Carter’s health seems to show his politeness right to the end, giving the journalists the chance to arrange his obituary in advance. Republicans as well as a good chunk of the press indulge themselves in naming his term in office as the worst they can remember. As usual, they choose to […]

Benedict XVI, the Love master

August 16, 2009


Don’t you love when somebody gives lessons about something he voluntary vowed to ignore about? Catholics are starting to get filled up with his detachment from real dramatic issues. This illustration was done in the middle of a violent attack by an Argentine Bishop (Msgr. Aguer) against a set of instructions issued by the Education […]

Otto Solbrig: got some Glyphosate?

June 21, 2009


An ongoing argument in the scientific community in Argentina shows how the Market-oriented agriculture may affect Public Health and the entire political system. A study with amphibian embryos suggested the dangerous toxicity of Glyphosate employed extensively against weeds to maximize genetically modified soybean crops.  Dr. Otto Solbrig (a well-established biologist, Harvard emeritus) contends that laboratory […]

Swine flu media hysteria

June 7, 2009


Another take on the hysteria spread by the media (with a little help by the WHO). How many lives have terminated by this so called “pandemic” disease and how many by the capitalist crisis? I grew up in a world worried by the impending nuclear war. Then came the AIDS, the Ebola, the islamofobia and […]

Swine flu, health and profits

May 3, 2009


Click to enlarge While the swine flu is showing up to be less a real danger of pandemic than a media induced hysteria, some people concerns turns to the economic consequences for both Mexico and the US. But it seems there’ll be winers too: Winners could include drug makers such as Gilead Sciences, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, […]