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The Summit ends on low key

April 17, 2012


Possibly the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, will be remembered as the most opaque until now. And one of the most embarrassing for the United States.Not only because of the embarrassing question of the relation of some security officers with prostitutes. The summit ended with sharp political differences between the U.S. and Canada with the rest of the continent with regard to the future inclusion of Cuba and support to Argentina over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) occupied by Britain. Moreover, the absence of the radical group of […]

Obama heads on to the Pacific exit door

November 25, 2011


As the events in the East side of the Atlantic show no sign of recovery from the crisis in the short-term, Obama recalls his Hawaiian roots and  a rediscovered Pacific vocation. So, he gathered some of the countries with shores in the great ocean for a conference in his natal island, and then started the usual “good […]

Obama, Chavez and Galeano’s book

April 22, 2009


North-South relationship between the two American sub-continents has been not an easy one. Back from the “Big Stick” era there were just brief periods of good memories for Latin-americans: the JFK years and Jimmy Carter’s involvement with Human Rights records of the military dictatorships. The rule used to be a “chat between deaf partners”; one […]