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Heaven or Hell

April 9, 2016


The “Panama Papers” affair seems to become an unexpected letdown for its promoters. While they initially highlighted the presence of “unfriendly” politicians of the like of Russia’s Putin and Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez, their names turned to be loosely  involved through other individuals. Instead,  it happen to be found other names as owners of secret offshore […]

E.U. and Mercosur hardships

March 6, 2016


Illustration for a leading article (in Spanish) about the present state of the two blocks. While the South American one (Argentina’s Macri and Brazil’s Rousseff in the bottom line) try to overcome falling prices of commodities that are their main exports, they don’t look at their European counterpart as a model. The European Union has […]

Putin’s media censorship

February 24, 2012


I know this is hardly fresh news, as it was distributed by agencies in December. But I had to illustrate its Spanish translation a lot later. I find interesting to link the efforts by Russian bloggers to overcome TV censorship trough the Net with other reports about the government hiring hackers and trolls aiming to […]

9/11 “lemming syndrome”

September 11, 2011


After the 9/11 attacks, the hysteria for retaliation led the American people into the abyss of unending war, lost of civil liberties, moral debacle, monstrous debt and economic chaos. Bin Laden couldn’t dream of a biggest success. I’m not arguing here with the “truth” about who actually was the mastermind behind the attacks. I’m answering […]

Obama goes “the South American way”

January 29, 2011


As Barack Obama is adjusting details for his first trip to Latin America (South of Mexico) in March, questions raise about the scales scheduled and the motifs behind. First questions deal with the jump from Brazil to Chile , ignoring Argentina –which lies in between. Diplomatic explanations don’t keep at bay the local opposition from […]

Who’s afraid of a Palestinian State?

January 22, 2011


On Feb.16 a summit to be held at Lima, Peru will be attended by 9 South American leaders and 11 Arab chiefs of state to discuss a proposal of declaration by the first, recognizing an independent Palestinian State. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia  recently recognized a Palestine State along borders prior to the 1967 war, […]

Dilma Rousseff: guerrilla then, president now

December 11, 2010


In a few days Dilma Roussef will be sworn as the first woman elected president of Brazil and its almost 200 million citizens. With a past in the guerrilla warfare against a Western supported dictatorship, she was imprisoned and tortured. And she doesn’t regret.

Diego Maradona, the Hand of God

July 26, 2010


Diego Maradona is one of the most exciting and disconcerting characters of our time, not just in sports. Truly the greatest soccer player of his generation in a time when the game went to full globalization, he chose to contend the bureaucrats at the international management board (FIFA) for the sake of the players and […]

Obama, Uncle Sam’s make-up aide

July 3, 2010


Some surveys registered an improve of the United States image among the Latin American populations. The worst figures notwithstanding are among the biggest three countries of the region: Argentina, Mexico and Brazil -in that order. Even so, this article sees a good opportunity (wasted by Obama himself) to improve USA’s relationship with its neighbors, via […]

Obama in Latin America troubled waters

December 26, 2009


As I failed to keep a regular posting pace lately I’ll retrieve some works of long-term interest. This article shows a rather realistic evaluation of current increasing troubled relationship of the Obama administration with its southern continental neighbors, even sought from a right- leaned point of view. On the other hand, you can say that […]

Chile takes off (turning to the Right)

December 13, 2009


Click to enlarge The Chilean people is choosing today his leaders and the multimillionaire Sebastián Piñera (owner – between other companies – of the national airline) seems to be guiding comfortably the first round. The discolored Christian-democrat Eduardo Frei and the Socialist postmodern ‘rebel’ Marco Enríquez-Ominami dispute the privilege of entering as the option in […]

Zelaya’s hat trick

September 29, 2009


Belatedly, here is the illustration I did for this article by Andrés Oppenheimer who -I must say- shows this time a lot of sense. Micheletti has been caught in surprise and exposed as a truly dictator, closing TV an radio stations. Obama too is pressed to a disambiguation on rejection of any kind of coup. […]

Lieberman, the Hell’s envoy

August 5, 2009


Recently, Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has been touring four Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. He traveled there together with a retinue of Israeli businessmen. The claimed aim was to strength commercial ties with the region and to counterbalance the increasing presence  by Iran in some countries. According to Andres Oppenheimer, the […]

Will China displace USA in LA?

July 28, 2009


For the last years China has become  a major buyer of Latin America raw materials and crops and a vendor of industrialized goods. As imported goods to the region from the USA shrank amidst the financial storm, some people feels the need to  diminish the panic. With this goal in mind, Oppenheimer collects some figures […]