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Oscar Arias got his arms bill

April 7, 2013


Maybe a UN treaty will be as ineffective as a Vatican homily to curb arms sales. But, even in a symbolic way it is good news; or is it?

Do drones dream of flying carpets?

May 28, 2012


Illustration for an article (in Spanish) about the latest gimmick of the armies and security forces in the first world: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) better known as” drones “.  The article was largely based on others published by The New Yorker (membership needed) and The New York Times. Journalism talked a lot of drones (such […]

Who’s afraid of a Palestinian State?

January 22, 2011


On Feb.16 a summit to be held at Lima, Peru will be attended by 9 South American leaders and 11 Arab chiefs of state to discuss a proposal of declaration by the first, recognizing an independent Palestinian State. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia  recently recognized a Palestine State along borders prior to the 1967 war, […]

Is Obama entangled as Eisenhower warned?

October 4, 2009


While the battle over the Public Option in the health care system attracts all the attention these days, other issues of equal importance goes less noticed.  Not to me, mind you (in fact, I just happen to be assigned as illustrator to a good columnist at the Río Negro daily in Argentina). Two articles give […]

Latin American arms spending on the rise

June 28, 2009


Research institutions have been sensing a steady rise in the military spending in some Latin American countries for the last years. While Colombia is the only one with an actual warfare against longstanding guerrillas -subsided in part by USA backing and radars- others make large investments without any conflict in sight. At least, Venezuela’s invasion […]