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Thank you Mr. Carter

August 22, 2015


The news regarding James Carter’s health seems to show his politeness right to the end, giving the journalists the chance to arrange his obituary in advance. Republicans as well as a good chunk of the press indulge themselves in naming his term in office as the worst they can remember. As usual, they choose to […]

Romney, Santorum want to be the next sheriff

March 1, 2012


The new front-runner couple of Republican would-be candidates to the Presidency of the United States proclaimed their support of the “Arizona model” for immigration policy. Which is no other than a police managed policy. As the Oppenheimer article points out, the “model” might be applied beyond its primary target (Latino working-class immigrants) all the way […]

Romney-Gingrich push the issues

February 1, 2012


This cartoon was intended for the Spanish translation of this article. While the original purpose was to discuss the respective positions on the immigration issue, maybe somebody can find it adequate for the present situation in the Republican party at large.

Newt Gingrich’s southern road

January 22, 2012


A couple of months ago I quoted Prof. Harold Bloom’s Omens of millennium, from 1996. In the Prologue of the book, Prof. Bloom advanced his vision of what a United States governed by Gingrich could become, and the reaction (much like the OWS movement) that may result. By that time, the then Speaker of the House was the rising star of the Conservatives and seemed unstoppable. As […]