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From Chavez to Maduro

April 14, 2013


They are alike but not the same.  

Chavez steps into History

January 11, 2013


He may recover his health or not. You may like him or not. But he already stepped into History, no doubt. PS: Those familiarized with Political Science language may benefit from this evaluation of Chávez role in History.

Venezuela’s oily election

September 30, 2012


The coming presidential election in Venezuela is set against a background of a mixed balance of Chávez economics performance. I’m not an economist nor an insider in Venezuela’s daily fare. But as I see it, the main asset of Chávez isn’t just his improvement of poor Venezuelan’s welfare, but the ties he secured with other […]

Ahmadinejad’s tour and Clinton’s half-truths

January 10, 2012


In the board game of Geopolitics there are always two sides playing. Or more, obviously. What is not so obvious is that reputed political analysts sometimes are just re-writing the guidelines provided by just only one of the players. This is what I thought of the brief Andres Oppenheimer’s piece I had to illustrate for […]

Santos and Chavez’ honeymoon

December 4, 2010


In a note quite resigned, Oppenheimer acknowledges that things are going well between the presidents of Colombia and Venezuela. Why not before? The author does not say, but it seems that the controversial one was not the “dictator” Chávez but, rather, the “democratic” Uribe, after all. On the other hand, it seems now the Colombians are tired […]

Morgenthau unveils the new “axis”

September 25, 2009


Mr. Robert Morgenthau  has revealed himself as the new American super-hero. He exerted his penetrating insight powers to foresee hidden facilities in Venezuela’s remote places where the still non-existing Iranian weapons of mass destruction are going to be stored. No probe, no evidences but, does anybody doubts he knows what is he talking about? It […]

Latin American arms spending on the rise

June 28, 2009


Research institutions have been sensing a steady rise in the military spending in some Latin American countries for the last years. While Colombia is the only one with an actual warfare against longstanding guerrillas -subsided in part by USA backing and radars- others make large investments without any conflict in sight. At least, Venezuela’s invasion […]

Obama, Chavez and Galeano’s book

April 22, 2009


North-South relationship between the two American sub-continents has been not an easy one. Back from the “Big Stick” era there were just brief periods of good memories for Latin-americans: the JFK years and Jimmy Carter’s involvement with Human Rights records of the military dictatorships. The rule used to be a “chat between deaf partners”; one […]