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Morgenthau unveils the new “axis”

September 25, 2009


Mr. Robert Morgenthau  has revealed himself as the new American super-hero. He exerted his penetrating insight powers to foresee hidden facilities in Venezuela’s remote places where the still non-existing Iranian weapons of mass destruction are going to be stored. No probe, no evidences but, does anybody doubts he knows what is he talking about? It […]

Latin American arms spending on the rise

June 28, 2009


Research institutions have been sensing a steady rise in the military spending in some Latin American countries for the last years. While Colombia is the only one with an actual warfare against longstanding guerrillas -subsided in part by USA backing and radars- others make large investments without any conflict in sight. At least, Venezuela’s invasion […]

Abdul Qadeer Khan

May 23, 2009


The Father of Pakistan Nuclear Program has become a sort of headache for the Obama’s Administration. After years of being treated as a national hero he was imprisoned by the American close friend regime of General Pervez Musharraf under charges of selling  nuclear know how to rogue states and then released. Now a convinced proponent […]