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Francis, Karekin II and the Armenian genocide

April 17, 2015


Approaching the centennial of the first genocide of the Twentieth Century (which set the path for the subsequent ones) Turkey still refuses to acknowledge its responsibility, and for good reasons: there’s a claim for reparations by the victim’s relatives. If the Western nations were reluctant to press  Turkey for geopolitical reasons while there was a […]

The panda & the bald eagle

August 23, 2013


Some say China has overtaken US in global commerce. Not just in such regions like Africa and Latin America in search of a better treatment from its partners. But also in places like S. Korea. Other say that the star of the rising markets like the BRIC is dwindling and China is about to crash […]

Kim Jong-Il final show

December 20, 2011


This is his final show in my blog. I did this caricature some years ago and always felt  some kind of attachment to it. By that time the official propaganda presented him as a peaceful yet resolute man. So, I thought of those traditional chinese image of a serene, fatty Buddha (in fact a syncretic […]

Obama heads on to the Pacific exit door

November 25, 2011


As the events in the East side of the Atlantic show no sign of recovery from the crisis in the short-term, Obama recalls his Hawaiian roots and  a rediscovered Pacific vocation. So, he gathered some of the countries with shores in the great ocean for a conference in his natal island, and then started the usual “good […]

China’s “Subtle Power”

September 20, 2011


Joseph Nye’s notion of “soft power” as  a complement to military “hard power”  has brought confidence to American strategists in their ability to attract and influence the best intelligences of the world. Now, after a decade of focusing in the “war on terror” and its disastrous economic and social showing, it’s time to take notice […]

Gone with the wind

February 8, 2011


The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 was the turning point that shaped the world until the fall of he Berlin Wall in 1989. But some of the features of that world, the world of “co-existence”, remained until now. Some areas turned to be of exclusive intervention for each super-power: Eastern Europe to the USSR, Latin America […]

The times they are a-changing

January 5, 2011


  Some  of the 2010 developments which Andrés Oppenheimer thinks are shaping the coming years. Asiatic students ranked high in standardized tests, announcing a possible future leadership in innovation. While Brazil became a star as an emergent economy, its diplomacy showed an “alarming” independence towards such “pariah” states like Iran. Finally, the prosecution of Julian […]

Will China displace USA in LA?

July 28, 2009


For the last years China has become  a major buyer of Latin America raw materials and crops and a vendor of industrialized goods. As imported goods to the region from the USA shrank amidst the financial storm, some people feels the need to  diminish the panic. With this goal in mind, Oppenheimer collects some figures […]

Abdul Qadeer Khan

May 23, 2009


The Father of Pakistan Nuclear Program has become a sort of headache for the Obama’s Administration. After years of being treated as a national hero he was imprisoned by the American close friend regime of General Pervez Musharraf under charges of selling  nuclear know how to rogue states and then released. Now a convinced proponent […]

Ozawa “The Destroyer”

April 30, 2009


According to Newsweek,  politics in Japan turned out to become “interesting” lately. Ozawa’s Democratic Party  is bound to victory but its leader (who promises to send American troops back home) has been linked to a corruption case. He refuses to step aside -hampering his party chances to win, giving the ruling Liberal Party time to […]