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Pope Francis goes to Rome

March 19, 2013


  So, you wonder what kind of Pope will my fellow countryman Jorge Bergoglio (aka Francis) be? In two words: a very, very political one. Unlike his predecessor Ratzinger, this is not a man of cabinets but a man of the streets. He was the typical regular boy raised in the typical lower-medium class neighborhood […]

#Argentinesuccess concealed by Wall Street

October 25, 2011


Argentina’s incumbent President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner re-election by a landslide 54,4% sends a message to other politicians: “bail the people instead of the banks; in the end, it pays better on the ballots”. This is a message that the Big Media aren’t eager to spread, but the whisper has started to jump over the […]

Nestor Kirchner’s departure

December 1, 2010


This blog went silent during the last month following Argentina’s former president’s sudden death. It was a shock both inside and outside the country.  He was at the center stage of local politics for the last eight years and there was a sense of orphanhood even to his foes. His initiatives broke the chain of […]