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Snowden, from villain to heroe?

January 3, 2014


The New York Times  (in an Editorial column, no less) says Edward Snowden “has done his country a great service”. The so-called father of the WWW, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, also praises Mr. Snowden’s whistleblowing “has become an important part of the effort to protect the Internet and his concept of the open Web.”

Chavez steps into History

January 11, 2013


He may recover his health or not. You may like him or not. But he already stepped into History, no doubt. PS: Those familiarized with Political Science language may benefit from this evaluation of Chávez role in History.

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will

December 31, 2011


Time to close another year. As I never was good at doing inventories of everything that happen to balance, I’ll just take one significant occurrence. If something, 2011 was the year of “the People occupying the Public Square”; Time magazine was right, for once. In Tunisia, in Egypt, in Israel, in Europe and in the […]

Jews, Zionism and conspiracy theories

July 15, 2011


Sergio Bergman (2nd from right) is an Argentine rabbi of frequent media appearances who associated himself with local center-right politicians. He endorsed the movement headed by Mr. Blumberg (who’s son died when kidnapped) for “security” against marginalized youngsters. Then organized an NGO to raise money from wealthy Jews and contend in the community elections. Last […]

Dilma Rousseff: guerrilla then, president now

December 11, 2010


In a few days Dilma Roussef will be sworn as the first woman elected president of Brazil and its almost 200 million citizens. With a past in the guerrilla warfare against a Western supported dictatorship, she was imprisoned and tortured. And she doesn’t regret.

It’s the Immigration Law, stupid!

May 1, 2010


I don’t like Andrés Oppenheimer’s column when dealing with Latin-America issues, usually. But I must recognize this time he nailed the core of the illegal immigrants problem. So, who will do all the work if the unfitted immigration law was to be applied and all the illegals were to be forced to leave? The U.S. […]

David Levine, the teacher is gone

January 9, 2010


On December 29 passed away the great American artist who revived the journalistic caricature in the sixties and established the style for others until his retirement three years ago. Perhaps he regarded himself as a painter “who did caricatures for a living”. But his published works show the evidence of his true commitment with his […]

Obama in Latin America troubled waters

December 26, 2009


As I failed to keep a regular posting pace lately I’ll retrieve some works of long-term interest. This article shows a rather realistic evaluation of current increasing troubled relationship of the Obama administration with its southern continental neighbors, even sought from a right- leaned point of view. On the other hand, you can say that […]

Lou Dobbs tastes the American way

September 20, 2009


What happen when a society grows to become the center of the World? It takes advantage of its dominant position over lesser countries to suck their resources by commercial and/or financial channels. And what happens when the standard of living for the peoples in those lesser countries drop down year after year? They try to […]

Is Stiglitz rokin’ or what?

August 21, 2009


Conservative pubishers got a problem with Joseph Stiglitz. As his weight as a mainstream economist is too heavy to just throw him apart (he chairs the United Nations “Comission of Experts on reforms of the international monetary and financial system”) the new tactics seems to be misrepresent his words, so to round his uncomfortable sharp […]