The Hope is gone, but OWS is coming

Posted on November 17, 2011


When I was asked to illustrate an article about the problems faced by Obama that render him overwhelmed I couldn’t help it but remembered the Time magazine’s cover that shocked me out back in 1978:

A few days later, as I started reading a longtime procrastinated book by Harold Bloom (Omen of Millennium, translated into Spanish) of 1996, I was shocked again by his prophetic words about the forcible reaction against the social consequences of an extended conservative period. When searching the web for a citation I went shocked a third time as I realized that nobody seems to have noticed the parallel with the Present.

Here are some passages of the Prologue that look relevant to me (forgive my reversed translation from Spanish, except for the first paragraph):

1996-2004 could continue to be the reign of Speaker Gingrich, and thus become a future shock indeed, a Christian Coalition (with some Jewish neoconservative camp followers) that could repeal much of the Bill of Rights through constitutional amendments, while returning us to the America of the late 19th century robber barons.

An America that rebelled in the streets to keep the welfare state against a Gingrichian Virtual Gospel imposed by force and based on the monopoly of information, it could cause a large-scale Gnosticism of the insulted and injured, which would rise to assert and claim the divine seed that is in themselves.

If you are not familiar with that “Gnosticism” allusion take into account the wide range of multi-cultural manifestations that came together with the 99% protesters at Zuccotti Park: from Jewish Kabbalah to vegetarians to Yoga practitioners which, in Bloom’s view, are  lighter forms of Gnosticism inherited by our culture that have periods of historic recurrence.

If somebody becomes interested, I could try to explain it in another post, as I was interested in such inheritance and I wrote myself about it before, even thought I was completely unaware of Bloom’s texts on the subject.