Heaven or Hell

Posted on April 9, 2016



The “Panama Papers” affair seems to become an unexpected letdown for its promoters. While they initially highlighted the presence of “unfriendly” politicians of the like of Russia’s Putin and Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez, their names turned to be loosely  involved through other individuals.

Instead,  it happen to be found other names as owners of secret offshore accounts: those of the coddled apostles of the free markets, like Great Britain’ Cameron and Fernandez’ foe Mauricio Macri. Macri won the presidency by 2% in the runoff while the local journalist in the project (all of them working for the big media friendly to this candidate) kept the data in secret.

The main offspring is not that there are more or less corrupt politicians but that all the deregulated financial capitalism in itself is a corrupt scheme.

This illustration relates to two articles; this one tells the story of the numerous financial heavens left behind by the once global British Empire, while the second one remarks the double speech spoken by the US politicians who pretend to fight the dirty money linked to the narcos while closing an eye to the increasing laundry heavens in its own territory.