USA-Cuba: drilling the embargo

Posted on June 15, 2010


One side-effect of the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf may be a more pragmatic approach to Cuba by the Obama administration. As this article points out, American officials are yet in “working-level discussions” with the Cuban government about the oil spill.

But, beyond the present hour urgencies, there are long term issues at stake. Cuba is about to explore its off-shore oil reserves in the North Basin right in front of the Florida coastal shores with the help of Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian and Norwegian technologies. Suddenly, the American government realizes that they are isolated by virtue of the embargo policy and lack a word in a risky ongoing development concerning a mayor economic place.

If the perverse effects of the embargo policy on the Cuban people has been neglected until now, the balance seems to change to the opposite side.

The Real News have an interesting interview with Lawrence Wilkinson, Collin Powel’s former chief of staff: