Einstein’s tour to South America

Posted on May 19, 2015


Gardel_EinsteinNinety years ago, between March and April, 1925, Albert Einstein spent four weeks in Argentina and then another one in Uruguay and Brazil. This article (in Spanish) recall his journey here and the hectic schedule he would achieve.

He was received like a “rock star” and gave a lot of conferences trying to explain his Theory of Relativity to both the academics as to the general public through the popular press. In the end he became exhausted and not quite sure of having succeeded at a time when the local scene of Physics was still under the Positivist predominance (you can get a glimpse in English here).

Besides visiting various universities and the Hebrew Association (one of his goals was to raise funds for his friends in the new Hebrew University of Jerusalem) even made a visit to the Central Market Hall, the headquarters of the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel (but no meeting between them was registered).