Morgenthau unveils the new “axis”

Posted on September 25, 2009



Mr. Robert Morgenthau  has revealed himself as the new American super-hero. He exerted his penetrating insight powers to foresee hidden facilities in Venezuela’s remote places where the still non-existing Iranian weapons of mass destruction are going to be stored. No probe, no evidences but, does anybody doubts he knows what is he talking about? It is the old “first time a tragedy, second a farce” scenario (thinking of Cuba’s missile crisis).The problem with this kind of nonsense is no one of these “evil doers” have mastered the nuclear cycle. Argentina does, but (despite friendly ties with Chávez) has an unsettled feud with Iran because of the later alleged involvement in the bombing of the Jewish communal Center in 1994. The true is these countries are major oil producers and are concerned with their huge social problems more than with the Armageddon. But they got undependable regimes (for the Western interests) who found a common enemy; so they are subjected to the ruthless “character assassination” delivered from the moral Olympus where Morgenthau rules.