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NetanyahuMashal October 12, 2014

The real meaning of Brazil’s elections

October 5, 2014



The elections that take place in the largest country in South America are crucial to the future of the region. What is at stake is whether the economy will be held by political parties elected by their constituents or by the big business through a puppet figure promoted by an overwhelming campaign of the  media.

World Cup: soccer, stars and money

July 4, 2014



The World Cup entering its final stages gives some food to chew.  As a beautiful sport this cup showed some improvement. Mainly from some “lesser” participants while some of the “big ones” showed the  poisonus side of money: as they can buy players they fail to promote local youngs to the front. England, Spain and […]

Juan Carlos & Felipe, kings of Spain

June 27, 2014



Change of kings in Spain. Juan Carlos later years were overrided by corruption scandals and popular discredit because of a picture of him beside a hunted elephant.

One hundred years of Sound and Fury

June 21, 2014



Two illustrations about the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The causes And the consequences

Snowden, from villain to heroe?

January 3, 2014



The New York Times  (in an Editorial column, no less) says Edward Snowden “has done his country a great service”. The so-called father of the WWW, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, also praises Mr. Snowden’s whistleblowing “has become an important part of the effort to protect the Internet and his concept of the open Web.”

Chile: inequality is the name of the game

November 17, 2013



Today the Chileans are called to elect a new president and the odds are overwhelming in favor of Michelle Bachelet to regain the post over the rightist candidate, Evelyn Matthei. But this doesn’t mean there’s an easy task for her to comply. There are a lot of reforms her people claims for. Inequality in the […]


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